Khosrov III the Small

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Khosrov III the Small
King of Armenia
PredecessorTiridates III
SuccessorTigranes VII (Tiran)
FatherTiridates III

Chosroes III The Small (or Khosrov III Godag), was the son of Tiridates III, was a member of the Arshakuni Dynasty and the king of Armenia from 330339 AD. He was a man of short stature, thus his name. He founded the city of Dvin which later became the Armenian capital.

During his reign, two generals, Vatche Mamikonian and Vahan Amatuni, started a battle, often coming to help the king. During these years, pro-Sassanid and anti-Mamikonian sentiment grew in Armenia and so did anti-Roman sentiment. Pro-Sassanid groups gained popularity so much so that they were successful in assassinating Catholicos St. Aristaces I, son of Gregory the Illuminator.

Shapur II, Sassanid king of the Persians, invaded Armenia twice and did gain some territory. Vatche Mamikonian was killed in those battles and was later named a saint by the Armenian Apostolic Church for his sacrifice. Chosroes II died in 339 AD.

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