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The act of killing a living thing can be said to have happened when an outside force, usually another life form, has done something to cause it to die.

When a human being is killed by another human being, this event is called a homicide, such as manslaughter. When a human being chooses to be killed by their own actions, it is called a suicide.

A kill is also the act of shooting down a fighter aircraft. The word kill is very serious; it means the end of a life. People who kill others are called murderers.

When a soldier kills another in war, it is called "combat". When the state kills a convict sentenced to capital punishment, it is called execution. When someone kills a politician it is called assassination. When a person who wants to die is killed by another, it is called euthanasia. When people watch people killing each other on television, it is called crime drama or entertainment. When people kill other people to eat them, it is called cannibalism.

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