Kim Chaek

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Kim Cheak, 1949
The Kim Chaek University

Kim Chaek (Korea:김책, 金策; 14 August 1903January 31 1951) was a North Korean resistance activist, military leader, politician and poet. His realname was Kim Hong-gye(김홍계, 金洪啓). First Industry Minister of DPRK, September 2 1948 to January 31 1951. He was military leader of North Korea in the time of Korean War.

In his child years, his family went to Manchuria after 1926, he joined to communist organization. In 1925, he was study to Dongheung Middle school, but in 1927, dropped out of Middle School. In 1930s he was in a communist military organization and friend of Soviet Union. In September 2, 1948, he was appointed to Industry Minister of DPRK, until his death. In January 31, 1951, he died in battle at the time of Korean war, in Pyongyang. His death cause was myocardial infarction or wartime bombing.

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