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Score of Kimi Ga Yo

Kimi Ga Yo (きみ が よ; Kanji: 君が代) is the national anthem of Japan.[1] The name of the song roughly means 'Imperial Reign' in English. The anthem is based on a poem written by an unknown poet from Japan about one thousand years ago. The music was written more recently (about two hundred years ago) and was then rewritten shortly afterwards because the original tune was unpopular.

Although popular for a long period and sung in situations where people from other countries would usually sing their country's national anthem, Kimi Ga Yo was only considered as Japan's official national anthem in 1999. The law that stated this also defined the Flag of Japan in a similar way.

Sazare-Ishi (conglomerate rock) -- pebbles which grow into boulders as in the lyrics of Kimi ga Yo[2]

Kimi Ga Yo is one of the shortest known national anthems of any country. It is only 56 seconds long.

Kimi ga yo wa

Chiyo ni,
Yachiyo ni
Sazare ishi no,
Iwao to narite,
Koke no musu made.[2]


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