King Peak

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King Peak
King Peak 600x450.jpg
Highest point
Elevation5,173 m (16,972 ft) [1]
Prominence1,073 m (3,520 ft) [1]
Coordinates60°34′59″N 140°39′14″W / 60.58306°N 140.65389°W / 60.58306; -140.65389Coordinates: 60°34′59″N 140°39′14″W / 60.58306°N 140.65389°W / 60.58306; -140.65389[1]
King Peak is located in Yukon
King Peak
King Peak
Parent rangeSaint Elias Mountains
Topo mapNTS 115C/10
First ascent6 June 1952, by Keith Hart and Elton Thayer
Easiest routeglacier/snow/ice climb

King Peak (or Mount King) is the fourth highest mountain in Canada. It is also the ninth highest peak in North America. It is located just west of Mount Logan, and is considered a one of the outlying peaks of that massive mountain.

The first people to climb King Peak were some students from the University of Alaska, in 1952. They climbed from the foot of Quartz Ridge, where most of their supplies had been dropped in by a plane. They reached Camp 2, on the west ridge, on 3 June. They waited two days for a storm to pass, and then two of them set out for the summit, while a third had to stay in camp because of a knee injury. They reached the top on 6 June.[2]

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