King of Cambodia

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This is a complete list of Kings, Heads of State and Presidents of Cambodia

Kings of Cambodia (6th century-1960)[change | change source]

The Angkor Wat was built.

From 1177 to 1181, Cham invasion and period of anarchy.

The throne was vacant from 1353 to 1362.

From 1369 to 1375, Siam ruled. From 1369 to 1371, the throne was vacant.

In the 14th century, ownership of Cambodia passed to Siam, until 1389.

In 1431, Siam defeated and crushed the Angkorean Empire. Nonetheless, The monarchy is not harmed, and Siam withdrawed. The capital (and the royal family) moved from Angkor to Phnom Penh.

In 1594, the Siamese captured Phnom Penh, yet the monarchy continued to rule.

Leaders of Cambodia (1960-1993)[change | change source]

Heads of State of Cambodia (1960-1972)[change | change source]

Presidents of the Khmer Republic (1972-1975)[change | change source]

Head of State of Cambodia (1975-1976)[change | change source]

Chairman of the State Presidium (1976-1979)[change | change source]

President of the People's Revolutionary Council (1979-1981)[change | change source]

Chairmen of the Council of State (1981-1993)[change | change source]

Chairman of the Supreme National Council (1991-1993)[change | change source]

Head of State (1993)[change | change source]

Kingdom of Cambodia Restored (1993-Present)[change | change source]