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Kingdom of Hungary

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Kingdom of Hungary
Magyar Királyság
Anthem: "Himnusz" (Hungarian)
(English: "Hymn")
Kingdom of Hungary during Middle ages
Kingdom of Hungary during Middle ages
Kingdom of Hungary in 1914
Kingdom of Hungary in 1914
Official languages

Other spoken languages:
Carpathian Romani, Croatian, Polish, Romanian, Ruthenian, Serbian, Slovak, Slovene, Yiddish
• 1000-1038 (first)
Stephen I of Hungary
• 1916-1918 (last)
Charles I of Austria
• 1920-1944 (Regent)
Miklós Horthy
• Coronation of Stephen I of Hungary
• Soviet takeover of Hungary & the collapse of the Regency
ISO 3166 codeHU
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Hungarian prehistory
Hungarian Soviet Republic
Hungarian State
Hungarian Democratic Republic
Hungarian State
Second Hungarian Republic
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The Kingdom of Hungary (Hungarian: Magyar Királyság), sometimes just Hungary, was a monarchy in Central Europe that existed for nearly a thousand years between 1000 and 1918.[1] It came back during the Interwar period from 1920 to 1944 as a regency.[2] It was created when Stephen I of Hungary was crowned in Esztergom in the year 1000. The first monarchy collapsed in 1918 because of the First World War, and the regency was liberated[a] by the Soviet Union in 1944 during the end of the Second World War.[2]

In the Middle Ages, the Kingdom of Hungary was one of the most powerful monarchies. It had many wars with the Ottoman Empire, usually because of the Balkans. It had an important role in both World Wars.[1]

Notes[change | change source]

  1. "Liberation" since German forces forcefully took over Hungary.

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