King of New York

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King of New York is a 1990 crime-thriller movie. The movie is about drug trafficking in New York City. Laurence Fishburne plays Jimmy Jump. Wesley Snipes plays Thomas Flanigan. David Caruso plays Dennis Gilley. The movie was directed by Abel Ferrara. The movie was released in September 1990.

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Reception[change | change source]

The movie premiered at the New York Film Festival. Many members of the audience, including Abel Ferrara's wife, walked from the movie theater. At a second showing of the movie the following day, Larry Fishburne and Nicholas St. John were booed from the stage.

Mark Caro, writing for the Chicago Tribune gave the movie only 1/2 star. He said "``King of New York,`` [is] a film more interested in leaving impressions than spinning a smooth narrative". He also said that both the star, Christopher Walken, and the movie "remains just out of grasp".[1]

Rotten Tomatoes gives the movie a rating of 71%.[2] Roger Ebert gave the movie two stars.[3] Janet Maslin from New York Times said the movie was "a chillingly ambiguous portrait of its title character."[4]

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