Kinnickinnic River (St. Croix River)

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The Kinnickinnic River as it passes through downtown River Falls

The Kinnickinnic River, called the Kinni for short, is a 22-mile-long (35 km)[1] river in northwestern Wisconsin in the United States. The Kinni is a cold water fishery supporting a population of native Brook Trout and naturally reproducing Brown Trout. The Kinnickinnic River is officially designated as a Class I trout stream by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. This means it is a "high quality" trout water that has populations of wild trout.[2] Also, these streams do not need stocking with hatchery trout.[2]

Recreation[change | change source]

The main recreational activity on the upper part of the Kinnickinnic River is trout fishing. Nearer to River Falls downtown, walking, hiking, running, mountain biking along the trails are popular activities. The City is also a Bird City and attracts a number of birders along the river. Kayaking along the lower parts of the river has become popular.

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Coordinates: 44°49′52″N 92°46′09″W / 44.8311°N 92.7691°W / 44.8311; -92.7691