Kite surfing

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Kite surfing on Columbia River, Oregon.

Kite surfing or Kite boarding is a kind of water sports that uses the wind to pull a rider on the water surface on a small surfboard or a kiteboard. There are a number of different styles of kiteboarding.

A kitesurfer or kiteboarder uses a board with or without foot-straps or bindings, combined with the power of a large controllable kite to propel the rider and the board across the water. In 2006, the number of kitesurfers has been estimated at around 150,000 to 210,000, with 114,465 inflatable kites sold that same year.[1] Various surfing styles have appeared to suit both kitesurfers and conditions, such as waveriding, freestyle, freeride, jumping, and cruising.[2]

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