Kitty Jutbring

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Kitty Jutbring

Anna Maria Kitty Skura Jutbring (born 8 April 1977) is a Swedish reality television contestant, radio/television host, She became known in Sweden after being a housemate on the second series of Big Brother in 2002. After that, she became a radio and television host. She has hosted shows on Sveriges Radio P3 and Sveriges Television.

Jutbring has been an active supporter of feminism and equal opportunities for women.[1] She has been particularly vocal regarding the situation of young girls in Sweden regarding issues of body consciousness and sex.[2]

Jutbring has also been an active activist for the new and controversial gender neutral personal pronoun hen.[3]

Personal life[change | change source]

At the end of 2012, Jutbring and her boyfriend Per Störby had their first child, a daughter.[4]

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