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Klonoa known in Japan as Kaze no Klonoa (Kaze no Kuronoa, Kaze no Kuronoa, lit. "Klonoa of the Wind") is a platform video game series that began in 1997, titled Klonoa: Door to Phantomile. Player can play as Klonoa during gameplay, sets in diffrent worlds, ones are Phantomile and Lunatea it revolves aroun Klonoa, and how he, "The Dream Traveller", must save the world from Peril. Along the way he makes new friends and enemies of them becoming recurring characters. The game is an early of example of a side-scrolling 3D game environment. He can use a ring and "Wind Bullets" during gameplay to defeat the enemies. The player can solves the puzzle, while the adventures must solves together to clear the game.