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Women's' knickers.
Different kinds of panties, with their English name
Model in white panties

Panties are a kind of underwear. Women's panties are also called knickers. Other names are underpants ("undies"), briefs and smalls.

There are many different shapes and sizes of panties. A common type are bikini panties, which are usually small like a bikini bottom. Bloomers are panties which are loose-fitting and bigger. Panties with a high waistline are usually thought to be worn by older or more conservative women.

Panties may be made of silk, cotton, satin or man-made fabrics, and decorated with lace. Most full cut panties are made of cotton or other comfortable materials.

Names[change | change source]

Knickers in British English only refers to female panties; in American usage the term is also used for a type of male trousers more properly called "breeches".