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A knock-knock joke is a type of joke told in the form of a conversation between a person knocking on a door and the person answering it. It always starts with the phrase "Knock, knock!" followed by the question "Who's there?" and ends with a punch line which usually has a pun or some other kind of word play.

The basic format is as follows:

Joke-Teller: "Knock Knock!"

Joke-Hearer: "Who's there?"

Teller: "[a word or phrase]"

Hearer: "[the word or phrase the Teller said] who?"

Teller: "[the punch line]"

Knock-knock jokes come from "do you know?" jokes in the 1900s and became very popular in the 1930s.[1]

Example[change | change source]

Joke-Teller: "Knock Knock!"

Joke-Hearer: "Who's There?"

Teller: "Police!"

Hearer: "Police Who?"

Teller: "Police let me in; it's raining."

References[change | change source]

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