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Knot (disambiguation)

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Knot could mean:

  • knot (speed), a unit of water or air speed ideally equaling 1 nautical mile per hour, depending on the relative motion of the medium
  • knot (wood), a mark left in timber by the origin of branches; the knot's grain travels in a different direction to the trunk of the tree

In biology:

Knot could also mean:

  • the bulbus glandis, a part of the penis of a canine, in animal anatomy
  • a knot garden, an elaborate interlace of tightly-clipped low hedging
  • a tight cluster or group, in statistics
  • a type of join, in figurative language, as in a marriage
  • a small, hard, tender spot in a muscle referred to as a kink or trigger point
  • Cramp, a strong muscle contraction resulting in pain

Knots could mean:

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