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Ko Young-min (born February 8, 1984 in Seoul, South Korea) is a professional baseball player of the South Korean baseball club Doosan Bears. He graduated from Seung-Nam High School.

His height is 182.0 cm. and his weight is 76.0 kg.

His position is second baseman. He is a member of the national team. He has fast legs and a great catching ability. It make his nickname Koget and second fielder. Koget is usually used nickname. Koget is a compound word that his family name and gadget of animation. This origin his pose of spread his arm. And second fielder is compound word that second baseman and right fielder. He is second baseman. Nevertheless, he defense right fielder sphere, too. People admire his wide defense sphere that this nickname is made.

His record stats change a lot during one season. Sometimes he will be great in power. Other times his eye will be very sharp. But overall he is a great baseball player.

His experiences on member of the national team are Beijing Olympic Games and the second WBC. He prizes golden glove prize of 2007 Korea professional baseball at second baseman part and best point prize of 2007 samsung PAVV professional baseball.