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Kohala as seen from Mauna Kea
Highest point
Elevation1,670 m (5,480 ft)
Prominence790 m (2,590 ft)
Coordinates20°05′10″N 155°43′02″W / 20.08611°N 155.71722°W / 20.08611; -155.71722
Kohala is located in Hawaii
Kohala within the Hawaiian Islands
LocationHawaii, United States
Volcanic arcHawaiian Islands
Last eruption120,000 years ago

Kohala is an extinct shield volcano in Hawaii. It is the oldest of five volcanoes on the Big Island,[1] forming its northwestern part.

History[change | change source]

Around a million years ago, Kohala started erupting.[2] Its last eruption was 120,000 years ago, meaning it's likely extinct.[3] The other volcanoes on the Big Island are either active or dormant. 250,000 to 300,000 years ago, a massive landslide destroyed much of the mountain.[2]

Kamehameha I, the first ruler of the Kingdom of Hawaii, was born near Kohala in 1758.[4]

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