Korean Empire

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Korean Empire
Daehan Jeguk

대한제국 (Hangul)

大韓帝國 (Hanja)
Flag of Korean Empire
Imperial Seal of Korean Empire
Imperial Seal
Motto: 광명천지


"Let the land be enlightened"
Anthem: 대한제국 애국가

"Patriotic Hymn of the Great Korean Empire"

Location of Korean Empire
• Gojong became an emperor
• Protectorate of Japan
• Full annexation
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Today part ofNorth Korea, South Korea

The Korean Empire (Daehan Jeguk, Hangul: 대한제국; Hanja: 大韓帝國) lasted between 1897 and 1910. It was the last time Korea was unified and independent. The empire was established when the king Gojong became an emperor.[1] After the First Sino-Japanese War, Korea was no longer a Chinese tributary state. But then in 1907 Korea became a Japanese protectorate, and 1910, got annexed by Japan as the province of Choson.[1] Korea became a Japanese colony until 1945. Then after the Korean War it split.

History[change | change source]

1904-1905[change | change source]

After First Sino-Japanese War, the Russia Empire and Japanese Empire fought for the control of Korea Peninsula. Eventually, the Russo-Japanese War occured. The Russia Empire was defeated by the Japanese Empire that was supported by British Empire. Then, the Korea Empire's Neutrality was threaten by the Japanese Empire.[2] At the Russo-Japanese War, the British Empire and the United States viewed on Korea's peace was not important more than the Russia's expansion.[3] In addition, the international views on a Korea Penisula was changed. The Japanese Empire's forces got stronger as the time pass. Korea's unequal treaties were hidden and ignored.[4][5]

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