Kot Diji

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The ancient site at Kot Diji (Urdu: کوٹ ڈیجی) was the forerunner of the Indus Civilization. The people of this site lived about 3000 BC. The remains consist of two parts; the citadel area on high ground, and the outer area.

Kot Diji is located about 22 kilometres south of Khairpur in the province of Sindh, Pakistan. The site is at the foot of the hills. There a fort (Kot Diji Fort) was built around 1790 by the Talpur ruler of Upper Sindh, Mir Suhrab, who ruled from 1783 to 1830. This fort built on the ridge of a steep narrow hill is well preserved.

Recent developments[change | change source]

Today, Kot Diji is on the way to becoming a more developed area. It has broadband and Wi-Fi internet connections, and all the cellular network service providers are active in the area. Many private and government schools, teaching in English, Urdu, and Hindi, are in Kot Diji. A new shopping centre called "Khazana" has also been built in the city.

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