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Kote Tolordava (May 13, 1979 - April 11, 2015, Moscow, Russia) was Georgian film and theater actor. Kote's first wife was actress Mariam Jologua.[1] From the marriage the couple has a son, Buka.

The actor married Gano Melitauri for the second time on June 8, 2007.[2] By the time of Kote's death, the couple already had two children - Taso (2008) and Tara (2012), while Gano was pregnant to their third child.

He has played roles in the theaters of Marjanishvili and teenagers, as well as in the theater on Atoneli. He gained special popularity as Dito Sharashenidze in the TV series "My Wife's Girlfriends". In 2014, he participated in the documentary film "Who Killed Ilia" based on the documentary film made by the Ministry of Internal Affairs, where he played the role of Ilia Chavchavadze. Along with acting, she hosted the program "Gano and Kote" on Palitra TV with her wife Gano Melitauri.[3]

Death[change | change source]

He died on April 11, 2015, on Holy Saturday, the day before Easter, in Moscow, where he was filming. The actor left for the Russian capital on April 9. He was to return to Tbilisi on April 14. The body was found at 4pm in a hotel room, where, according to Russian law enforcement, white powder and a disposable syringe were also found. According to the expert, the actor died early in the morning.[4] Family members and friends later released an expert report stating that Tolordava had died of a heart attack and that no drugs had been found in the deceased's blood.[5][6]

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