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Kouzou Iizuka (Japanese: 飯塚幸三, いいづかこうぞう[1] Iizuka Kouzou; born 1931[2][3]) is a Japanese engineer, Top of National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology,[4][5] Chairman of International Measurement Confederation,[5] Chairman of Human Frontier Science Program,[5] and Kubota CEO.[6]

In 1931, he was born in Nakano, Tokyo.[2] He was enrolled in Fourth municipal high school (Now Toyama municipal high school) , Urawa high school (old), and graduated at Tokyo University Graduate School of Engineering[2][5].In 1972, he became Doctor of Engineering(Tokyo Univ.).[3]

In 2015, he was awarded the Order of the Sacred Treasure.[1]

In 2019, he caused a traffic accident at Ikebukuro, Tokyo.[7][8] A 3-year-old girl and her mother were killed by the accident, and nine others were injured.[9] He caused a fatal accident, but not arrested.[10] So he was criticized on the Internet[11]([東池袋自動車暴走死傷事故][1].

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