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Krillin is a fictional character from the Dragon Ball franchise, he's the best friend of Goku and husband of Android 18 and has a daughter named Marron.

Dragon Ball character
Cosplay of Krillin
Created byAkira Toriyama
AffiliationZ-fighters Team universe 7
FamilyAndroid 17(brother in-law
Spouse(s)Android 18
Significant other(s)Goku(Best Friend) Gohan(Friend)
Homemunk temple (formal)

Kame House

West city/Satan city

Krillin makes an appearance in Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball Super and other movies and merchandise were made about him as well.

Appearance[change | change source]

Krillin is munk who came to the Kame House to get special training from the Turtle hermit master Roshi. He meets his soon to be best friend but now a rival Goku. Master Roshi sends them to find him a beautiful lady then he'll train them. Krillin and Goku find who was being harassed but they save her. The girl's name was launch and was revealed to be criminal and the two man were policeman.

Master Roshi finally approves Krillin and Goku as his successors and begins the training. Krillin and Goku do many tasks like chores such as delivering milk,digging through the ground, swimming away from a deadly shark and dodging bees. After that master Roshi tells Krillin and Goku that they'll be training with shells on their back from now on.

8 months later,Krillin joins the world martial arts tournament.