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Pistachio, vanilla and rose flavoured kulfi.

Kulfi is kind of ice cream dessert that originated in India from 16th century. Sometimes the kulpi is called "traditional Indian ice cream". The Indian food in India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal, Myanmar, Middle East and in Indian restaurants around the world. The texture of this ice cream is hard and similar to "Bastani sonnati (Persian ice cream)" and Mastic ice creams aim to delay melting.

The shellfish is similar in texture and taste to ice cream but it is thicker and creamier than today's ice cream. The confetti can be found in a variety of flavors: cream (Malay), rose, mango, cardam, saffron and pistachio. In the past, it was also customary to feel peeled in more modern flavors apple, orange, strawberry, peanut and avocado. Unlike modern ice cream, the Kulfi is not whipped with thicker Marco and is reminiscent of traditional pudding ice cream. Its texture and main compressibility make the pulpy edible Cold Our man melts in a theme and quickly like modern western ice cream.

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