Kurohime (manga)

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(Mahō-tsukai Kurohime)
Written byMasanori Ookamigumi Katakura
Published byShueisha
English publisher
MagazineMonthly Shōnen Jump
Jump Square
Original run20022011

Kurohime (魔砲使い黒姫, Mahō Tsukai Kurohime, lit. Magical Gunslinger Kurohime) is a manga series made by the mangaka Katakura Masanori (片倉 政憲, Katakura Masanori). The manga began its run in 2002, monthly in Monthly Shōnen Jump. The manga talks about the story and the adventures of Kurohime and the others friends to fight the Gods of their lands and to resurrect the true love of her, the man who sacrificed his life for her, Zero.

Kurohime has 14 volumes (on 2008) and is ongoing.

Magic[change | change source]

Magic in this world is used by Gods and by some kind of humanans, called witches (whether they are men or women). The magic used by th witches can be showed under many forms, for example can be mixed with human technology, for example a gun or a rifle. A common use of magic mixes with human technology for example is when Kurohime, shot with her gun, magic bullets, that can invoke magical beasts as dragon or a demon.

Characters[change | change source]

Zero - A boy saved by Kurohime in his childhood. Over ten years, he trained and became a gunslinger. He uses 4 guns and is known for his incredible speed. He does not use his guns for killing and only uses them to help people. Zero doesn't use the magic, often is used by Kurohime for to mix magic with technology. Zero loves truly Kurohime and in a part of series he will sacrifice his life for to save Kurohime.

Kurohime - A magician who fights using magical bullets. Ten years ago, she saves Zero, influencing his decision to become a gunslinger. She is very self-centered, and is said to not be able to genuinely love. As a result, she defied the gods and was cursed to walk the world as a child. She can only revert to her adult form when she falls in love. When a child, she is addressed as Himeko, and her magic powers are greatly hindered. The adult Kurohime bears a strong resemblance to the goddess that cursed her (In fact, they are both the same. Kurohime was split into 2 in her battle against the gods; one of "good" which holds all of her love and care and memories, and the other holding her "bad" side, which has no memories, except the anger and hatred. The latter is the current Kurohime, while the former is the "goddess" who gave her the curse.) She is also extremely beautiful and believes all men are her "dogs". Still, she has feelings for Zero, even if she won't admit it. Her name translates to "Black Princess" (Kuro is black and hime is princess). Her chief weapon is her witch-gun, "Senryu" (which, when translated means Tornado Dragon). Aside from being able to fire witch-bullets, Senryu can fire normal bullets with cannon-like force. In the second arc, Himeko receives the Yamato-Dachi from Yamatohime after defeating Gandhara. The sword fuses with Senryu, allowing it to switch between sword (Yamato Senryuto) and gun (Yamato Senryuho) forms.

Himeko- Kurohime's form as a child, she differs greatly from her adult self, besides the fact that she is adorable and cute while her adult self is sexy and beautiful. Himeko is hyperactive and acts like a real child, often falling asleep for naps, while as her adult form is more controlled and calm. Himeko is unable to use strong magic, for example when she tries to evoke a dragon, it comes just a funny little dragon, really useless.

Onimaru - A heavyset gunslinger that he felt betrayed by Kurohime/Himeko. When she was bad, Kurohime used him and his troops for to build a tower for to fight Gods, after then Kurohime betrayed Onimaru. He was once her most loyal soldier and his back bears a large tattoo of the Kanji for "Dog" and "Kurohime". In the middle of series Onimaru will be cursed by a demon and will be transformed in a little lizard.

Asura - A beautiful looking woman. The people of that land call her and her kind, demons. She is extremely powerful, possessing incredible magical powers, whose destructive properties rivals a god. She is first introduced as a mysterious character who plays a subtle hand in aiding Kurohime and Zero defeat a witch.

Sword- The leader of the death angel squad (Shinigami Tenshidan) sent after Kurohime and Zero in the fourth volume. She and her comrades (Axe, Lance, Mace, Hammer, and Dagger) are sent to reap a group of vengeful souls from a ghost wagon who were revived courtesy of Kurohime. Sword seems to have a personal sense of revenge against Kurohime.

Darkray- The former God of Death. He fought Kurohime when she first challenged the gods. Using the soul of an infant murdered by an attack on Kurohime as a shield, he defeated her with Sword, slicing her in half. He was also the one who suggested splitting Kurohime into two beings: one comprised of pure hate, the other, of love and compassion. This resulted in the birth of Shirohime (White Princess)the Goddess of Mercy. He later appears in the fourth volume.

Yashahime- The mother goddess and lover of Darkray. She swears to kill Kurohime to avenge the fallen God of Death, and first appears when Kurohime killed Gandhara on Yamato. She is very powerful and she tried to kill Zero's soul.She is actually jealous of the love zero and Kurohime share, and uses Darkray's skull to turn Zero into the god of death, so as to make Kurohime experience hell on earth forever.

Yamatohime- The Phoenix Suzaku, Devil God, and Spirit Queen of Fire. She is Asura's master. She had been imprisoned by the gods in the depths of a volcano, under constant watch by the Demon God Gandhara.

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