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Kyūan (久安), also romanized as Kyū-an, was a Japanese era name (年号,, nengō,, lit. "year name") after Ten'yō and before Ninpei. This period spanned the years from July 1145 through January 1151.[1] The reigning emperor was Konoe-tennō (近衛天皇).[2]

Events of the Kyūan Era[change | change source]

  • 1145 (Kyūan 1, 8th month): Taiken-mon In, died. She was mother of former-Emperor Sutoku.[3]
  • 1146 (Kyūan 2, 2nd month), The emperor visited the home of former Emperor Toba.[3]
  • 1148 (Kyūan 4, 6th month): In Heian-kyō (Kyoto), the imperial palace was destroyed by fire.[5]
  • 1150 (Kyūan 6, 1st month): Konoe married Fujiwara-no Tokoku. This bride became kōgū (first empress).[5]
  • 1150 (Kyūan 6, 3rd month): Konoe took a second wife; and this bride became chūgyo (second empress). Konoe caused discord when he neglected his first wife.[5]
  • 1150 (Kyūan 6, 12th month): Minamoto no Yoshikane became head of the Ashikaga clan in Shimotsuke province.[5]

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