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Kyoto National Museum

Coordinates: 34°59′24″N 135°46′22.8″E / 34.99000°N 135.773000°E / 34.99000; 135.773000
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Kyoto National Museum
Façade of museum, Kyoto National Museum
Façade of museum
EstablishedMay 1897
LocationKyoto, Japan
TypeArt museum

The Kyoto National Museum (京都国立博物館, Kyōto Kokuritsu Hakubutsukan) or KNM[1] is one of the major art museums in Japan.[2] It is in Higashiyama Ward in Kyoto.

The museum has art works and archaeological objects of Japan. In the collection, there is an emphasis on material from the Heian period through the Edo period when Kyoto was the capital of Japan.[3]

The Museum is currently undergoing renovation and will reopen in 2013.

KMN was established in 1889 as the Imperial Museum of Kyoto.[4]

Construction on the museum building finished in October 1895.[4]

The museum's first exhibition was opened in 1897.[4]

The museum went through a series of name changes. In 1900, it was called the Imperial Household Museum of Kyoto.[4]

In 1924, the museum was donated to the City of Kyoto in honor of the marriage of Crown Prince Hirohito. At that time, the name was changed to the Imperial Gift Museum of Kyoto.[4]

The current name was selected upon in 1952.[4]

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34°59′24″N 135°46′22.8″E / 34.99000°N 135.773000°E / 34.99000; 135.773000