Lada (mythology)

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Max Presnyakov, Łada

Lada[a] and Lado[b] are slavic pseudodeities.

Lada was first mentioned in the sermons of the Christian priest Lucas of Wielki Koźmin around 1405-1412. Lucas warned against worshipping Lada and other gods during spring ceremonies and folk performances.

However, the majority of religious scholars and Slavists reject the historicity of these deities, believing that they owe their divine status to a misunderstanding of song lyrics by medieval scribes.

Planetoid (2832) Lada was named after her.[1]

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Notes[change | change source]

  1. Latin: Lada, Lyada, Alado
    Polish: Łada [ˈwa.da]
    Russian: Лада [ˈɫadə] (audio speaker iconlisten)
  2. Polish: Łado [ˈwa.dɔ]
    Russian: Ладо [ˈɫado]

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