Lake Mweru

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Lake Mweru, from space. 1-5 are towns in Zambia, 6-8 are towns in DR Congo

Lake Mweru is a freshwater lake on the Congo River. It is on the border between the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Zambia.

The lake makes up 110 kilometres (68 mi) of the border. 'Mweru' means 'lake' in many Bantu languages, so the lake is often just called Mweru. The exact border between Democratic Republic of the Congo, and Zaire has long been disputed. This border dispute is known as Luapula Province border dispute.

Luapula River lies upstream (before the lake), and Luvua River lies downstream (after the lake). The lake has a length of about 131 kilometres (81 mi), and a maximum width of 56 kilometres (35 mi).