Lal Khan

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Lal Khan
Tanveer Gondal[1]

June 1956
Bhaun, Punjab, Pakistan
Died21 February 2020(2020-02-21) (aged 63)[2][3]
Alma materNishtar Medical College
Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
OccupationPolitical theorist, activist, writer
OrganizationThe Struggle Pakistan
Notable work
Pakistan's Other Story; The 1968-9 Revolution

Lal Khan (born Tanveer Gondal; June 1956 – 21 February 2020) was a Pakistani political activist and Marxist political theorist.

He was a physician by profession but ceased practicing medicine. He was the leader of the Pakistani Marxist organisation The Struggle, and editor of its newspaper.[4] He also wrote regular articles for Daily Times and the Dunya.

He died on 21 February 2020 of cancer at the age of 63.[2][5]

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