Landi Kotal

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Landi Kotal or Landikotal (Urdu: لنڈی کوتل) in Pakistan is the highest point on the Khyber Pass, 1,072 metres above sea level. It is on a route across the mountains from the near-border city, Peshawar.[1] Landi Kotal is often visited by tourists and can be reached by train or road.

Landi Kotal is the main shopping centre for both the Shinwari and Afridi tribes.

History[change | change source]

In 1897, during British rule, the Afridis attacked Landi Kotal and other posts in the Khyber Pass. The British counter-attacked with a force of 34,500 men under Sir William Lockhart, defeating the Afridis.[2]

In 1925 work began on a railway line linking Jamrud to Landi Kotal.[1]

Coordinates: 34°06′N 71°09′E / 34.100°N 71.150°E / 34.100; 71.150

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