Landser (band)

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OriginBerlin, Germany
Years active1992–2003
Past member(s)Michael Regener
Andreas Mörike
Jean-Rene Bauer
Christian Vennedorf

Landser is a Neo-Nazi, Rock Against Communism rock band from Germany. Because of laws in Germany against speaking badly about the people that died during the Holocaust of World War II, several members of the band were put in prison.

The Supreme Court of Berlin sentenced the members of the band to prison and fines for forming a criminal union as well as for incitement of the people and the distribution of radically right-wing propaganda in December 2003.

In March 2005, the Federal Supreme Court in Karlsruhe upheld the prison sentence against a band member. This was the first time that a band had been called a criminal association by the highest federal court.