Late-May 1998 tornado outbreak and derecho

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The Late May 1998 tornado outbreak and derecho was a weather event in the United States from May 30-31, 1998. It affected the northern half of the country and southern Ontario, from Montana to the Mid-Atlantic states.

Weather events[change | change source]

Spencer, South Dakota tornado[change | change source]

The first reports of severe weather were from Montana around 12:30 p.m. MDT. The tornado struck Spencer, South Dakota around 8:37 p.m. CDT. The Spencer tornado was an F4. Six people were killed in this tornado.

Derecho event (May 30-31)[change | change source]

Path of the May 30-31, 1998 derecho.

The same storm that produced the Spencer, South Dakota tornado turned into a derecho affecting Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Ontario, and New York. The derecho killed another 6 people.

New York and Pennyslvania tornadoes (May 31)[change | change source]

On May 31, tornadoes broke out across Pennyslvania and New York, this being the most destructive to sweep across the two states since the 1985 United States-Canada tornado outbreak.