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This a list of later medieval artists. It begins in the 13th century (1200s) and includes famous painters and sculptors.

Each artist is listed with their dates, place of birth, some places that they worked, their media (the type of artwork that they made), one or two most famous works and some art galleries where their works can be seen.

Late Medieval artists[change | change source]

Italian Byzantine[change | change source]

These artists, before the Renaissance, painted in the style of Greek icons. Their paintings were important to the education of many Renaissance painters, and were to be seen in the churches where the Renaissance painters worked, and worshipped. Often an altarpiece by one of these artists was surrounded by frescoes by the Renaissance painters who lived 150 to 200 years later. A famous Madonna and Child by Coppo di Marcovaldo stood above the altar where Masaccio, Masolino and Filippo Lippi painted the walls of the Brancacci Chapel. Giotto, who is thought of as the first Renaissance painter, was educated by Cimabue, one of the great masters of the Late Byzantine style.

Name Dates Born Worked Media Masterpiece Museums
Coppo di Marcovaldo (c.1225– c.1276) Florence Florence, Pistoia
Icon, Mosaic The Last Judgement
Bastistry, Florence
Civic Museum, San Gimignano
Cimabue c.1240 – c.1302 Florence Florence, Assisi Icon, Mosaic Madonna of Santa Trinita
Uffizi, Florence
Pietro Cavallini c.1250 – c.1330 Rome Rome, Naples Fresco, Mosaic Last Judgement,
S. Cecilia in Trastevere, Rome
Duccio c.1260 – c.1318 Siena Siena Icon Maesta,
Duomo Museo, Siena
National Gallery, London

Italian Proto-Renaissance[change | change source]

Proto-Renaissance artists worked before 1400 in Italy when the Renaissance style was slowly developing.

Name Dates Born Worked Media Masterpiece Museums
Nicola Pisano c.1220 – c.1284 Pisa Pisa, Perugia Sculptor The Pulpit
Baptistery of Pisa
Arnolfo di Cambio c.1240 – c.1300 Tuscany Siena, Florence, Rome Sculptor, Architect St. Peter
St. Peter's Basilica, Rome
National Gallery, London
Giovanni Pisano c.1250 – c.1315 Pisa Pisa, Siena Sculptor The Pulpit
Cathedral of Pisa
Duomo Museo, Siena
Giotto c.1267 - 1337 Tuscany Florence, Padua Fresco, Tempera Ognissanti Madonna
Uffizi, Florence
Life of Jesus
Arena Chapel, Padua
Pietro Lorenzetti c.1280 - 1348 Siena Siena, Assisi Fresco, Tempera Scenes of the Passion of Christ
Basilica of Saint Francis, Assisi
Metropolitan Museum, New York
Ambrogio Lorenzetti c.1290 – 1348 Siena Siena Fresco Scenes of Good and Bad Government
Town Hall, Siena
National Gallery, London
Taddeo Gaddi c.1300 – 1366 Tuscany Florence Fresco Life of the Virgin
Baroncelli Chapel, Santa Croce, Florence
Metropolitan Museum, New York
Orcagna c.1308 – 1368 Tuscany Florence, Pisa Fresco, Tempera The Triumph of Death
Campo Santo, Pisa
Rijksmuseum Amsterdam,
National Gallery, Washington D.C.
Altichiero c.1330 – c.1390 Verona Verona, Padua Fresco Crucifixion
Basilica of Sant'Antonio, Padua
Giusto de' Menabuoi c.1330 – c.1390 Florence Padua Fresco The Salvation of Humankind,
Baptistery of Padua Cathedral

International Gothic[change | change source]

Artists from many parts of Europe worked in a decorative Gothic style.

Name Dates Born Worked Media Masterpiece Museums
Simone Martini c.1284 – c.1344 Siena Siena, Assisi, Avignon Fresco, Tempera Uffizi, Hermitage, Louvre
Metropolitan Museum, New York
Lorenzo Monaco c.1370–1425 Florence Florence Tempera Coronation of the Virgin
Uffizi Gallery
Uffizi, National Gallery, London;
National Galleries of Scotland
Gentile da Fabriano 1370 – c.1427 Marche Florence, Siena, Rome Fresco, Tempera Adoration of the Magi
Uffizi, Vatican Museums,
National Gallery, London;
Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna
Andrea Pisano c.1290 – c.1348 Pisa Pisa, Florence, Orvieto Sculptor in bronze Baptistery Doors
Tilman Riemenschneider c.1460 – 1531 Würzburg Würzburg Sculptor in wood Altarpiece of the Holy Blood
Rothenburg ob der Tauber
Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna,
Metropolitan Museum, New York
Veit Stoss c.1445–1450 Horb am Neckar
Nuremberg, Krakow Sculptor in wood Altarpiece of the Blessed Virgin Mary
St Mary's Church, Krakow
Limbourg Brothers active
Nijmegen France illuminators Très Riches Heures du Duc de Berry
(The Duke of Berry's Prayer Book)
Musée Condé, Chantilly, France
Condé Museum, Metropolitan Museum, New York
Enguerrand Quarton c.1410 – c.1466 Villeneuve-lès-Avignon
Villeneuve-lès-Avignon Tempera Coronation of the Virgin