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Created by Magnús Scheving
Starring Magnús Scheving
Julianna Rose Mauriello
Stefán Karl Stefánsson
Country of origin Iceland Iceland
No. of series 2
No. of episodes 52 (list of episodes)
Running time 30 minutes
Original network Iceland Sjónvarpið
United Kingdom CBBC and Nick Jr.
United States Nick Jr. and Noggin
Italy Playhouse Disney, Raitre
Poland Jetix, Playhouse Disney
Australia ABC Kids
Canada YTV
Brazil Discovery Kids
Japan Playhouse Disney
Germany Super RTL
Portugal RTP2, Canal Panda
Bulgaria Jetix
Latvia TV3
Croatia Nick Jr.
Serbia Jetix
Picture format HDTV
Original release August 16, 2004 – 2007
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LazyTown is a television programme aimed at young children. The show is educational and teaches children to be healthy and exercise. The programme was created by people from Iceland, the United Kingdom and the United States of America.

The show has been very successful, and has aired in many countries around the world, and dubbed into many languages. The show ran from 2004 to 2007, but the United Kingdom has continued the series with LazyTown Extra, a spin-off of LazyTown.

Basis of the programme[change | change source]

The show features live-action actors and puppet characters set in a colourful town called LazyTown. At the start of the show, the town's citizens are very lazy, but the mayor's niece Stephanie arrives to change that. She is aided by an athletic superhero named Sportacus, who teaches the children of the town to eat healthy food and exercise each day. However, their fun is often stopped by the town's laziest man, Robbie Rotten, who spends large amounts of time attempting to make the children lazy again and trying to remove Sportacus and Stephanie from the town, usually by dressing up in disguises to fool the children. Robbie's plans often fail. The show's episodes often involve an educational or important message for viewers, and songs or dance numbers performed by the characters, usually Stephanie being the lead singer or dancer.

Characters[change | change source]

  • Stephanie: Stephanie is the main character, a pink-haired girl who enjoys singing, dancing and playing sports. Her favourite colour is pink as seen with her hair, clothes, and other accessories. Played by Julianna Rose Mauriello.
  • Sportacus: A moustached superhero who is skilled athlete, often moving around by performing acrobatic flips and moves. He lives in an airship and can be contacted via letters. He teaches the children to be fit and healthy. Like Stephanie, he is a skilled singer and dancer. Played by Magnús Scheving (creator of Lazytown).
  • Robbie Rotten: The show's villain. Robbie is a lazy man who wants the children of LazyTown to remain indoors and be lazy. Most of the time, he dresses up in costumes to fool the children and make them eat junk food or be lazy, but his plans often fail. He lives in an underground house and spies on LazyTown via a periscope. Played by Stefán Karl Stefánsson.
  • Ziggy: A boy who eats a lot of sweets and candy. He looks up to Sportacus and has created his own superhero identity called "Sportacandy". Voiced and puppetry by Guðmundur Þór Kárason.
  • Stingy: A greedy and possessive boy who often claims that objects belong to him, even if they do not. He drives around in a car and owns a piggy bank. Voiced and puppetry by Jodi Eichelberger.
  • Trixie: A trouble-making girl who rides around on a scooter. She is bossy and often argues with Stephanie. Voiced and puppetry by Sarah Burgess.
  • Mayor Milford Meanswell: The town's mayor and Stephanie's uncle. He is bumbling and often worries about his niece and the town. Voiced and puppetry by David Matthew Feldman.
  • Bessie Busybody: The mayor's assistant. She is bossy, often telling even the mayor what to do. She can be patronizing but acts motherly towards the children. Voiced and puppetry by Julie Westwood.

List of episodes[change | change source]

Series 1[change | change source]

  • 1. Welcome to Lazytown
  • 2. Defeeted
  • 3. Sports Day
  • 4. The Great Crystal Caper
  • 5. Sleepless in Lazytown
  • 6. Swiped Sweets
  • 7. Hero for a Day
  • 8. Sportafake
  • 9. Happy Brush Day
  • 10. Lazy Scouts
  • 11. Dr. Rottenstein
  • 12. Rottenbeard
  • 13. Cry Dinosaur
  • 14. My Treehouse
  • 15. The Laziest Town
  • 16. Dear Diary
  • 17. Zap It!
  • 18. Records Day
  • 19. Prince Stingy
  • 20. Pixelspix
  • 21. Play Day
  • 22. Remote Control
  • 23. Sportacus Who?
  • 24. Soccer Sucker
  • 25. Miss Roberta
  • 26. Lazytown's New Superhero (Double Length Special)
  • 27. Secret Agent Zero
  • 28. Lazytown's Greatest Hits
  • 29. Lazytown's Surprise Santa
  • 30. Robbie's Greatest Misses
  • 31. Sports Candy Festival
  • 32. Dancing Duel
  • 33. Ziggy's Alien
  • 34. Sportacus on the Move

Series 2[change | change source]

  • 35. Rockin' Robbie
  • 36. Little Sportacus
  • 37. Trash Trouble
  • 38. Double Trouble
  • 39. Haunted Castle
  • 40. The Lazytown Snow Monster
  • 41. The Lazytown Circus
  • 42. School Scam
  • 43. Pixel TV
  • 44. Friends Forever
  • 45. Energy Book
  • 46. Birthday Surprise
  • 47. Lazytown Goes Digital
  • 48. The Lazy Genie
  • 49. Once Upon a Time
  • 50. The Lazy Rockets
  • 51. Dancing Dreams
  • 52. Sportacus Saves the Toys