León Cathedral

Coordinates: 42°35′58″N 5°34′0″W / 42.59944°N 5.56667°W / 42.59944; -5.56667
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León Cathedral
42°35′58″N 5°34′0″W / 42.59944°N 5.56667°W / 42.59944; -5.56667
DenominationRoman Catholic

Santa María de León Cathedral, also called The House of Light or the Pulchra Leonina is in the city of León in north-western Spain. It is the third Roman Catholic cathedral to be built on the site of what was originally a Roman bath.[1] The first cathedral was built by King Ordoño II of León. It was probably built in the Mozarabic style but was damaged in the 990s.[1] The second cathedral was consecrated in 1073.[1] It was built in the Romanesque style of architecture. The present Gothic style cathedral was started in 1255.[1] It was completed about 50 years later.[2] The cathedral has some of the finest examples of stained glass windows in all of Europe.[2]

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