Lee Cha-su

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Lee Cha-su
Born(1957-06-06)6 June 1957
Died9 March 2020(2020-03-09) (aged 62)
CitizenshipSouth Korean
Civil society activist

Lee Cha-su (Korean: 이차수, romanized: 李且壽; also written as Lee Cha-soo, 6 June 1957 – 9 March 2020) was a South Korean politician and social activist who called for the resettlement of the K-2 Air Force Base used at Daegu International Airport.[1][2] He was the chairman of the Buk-gu Council.[3][4][5]

Lee died in Chilgok, Buk District, Daegu[6] at the age of 62 due to coronavirus (COVID-19) on 9 March 2020.[7][8][9]

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