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lego big morl[1] is a Japanese rock band from Osaka, made up of four men: Takehiro Kanata(guitar & vocal), Hiroki Tanaka (guitar), Hiro Asakawa (drum), Shintarou Yamamoto (bass). It is called merely "lego".

They started the band in Osaka in 2006, and had a tour a year later. After that, their song "Ray" was adopted as the featured song of a drama, "Akai ito". This made them a little famous and they made a major debut next year.

"Ray" was covered by Kou Shibasaki in 2010.

Members[change | change source]

  • Takehiro Kanata (1984.5.24)
  • Hiroki Tanaka (1984.10.25)
  • Shintarou Yamamoto (1984.10.18)
  • Hiro Asakawa (1984.11.10)

History[change | change source]


After Asakawa's band split up in March, he asked Kanata to form a band with him. Tanaka, who was in the same band as Kanata joined the new band, followed by Yamamoto, who was a friend of Kanata from high school. They started to go into action mainly in Osaka.


They held a first live tour in Tokyo, Yokohama, Ibaraki, and Gunma in March. They gave out free CDs "テキーラグッバイ(tequila goodbye)" at live studios.

The year of getting people to know them. ...They released a ¥100 SINGLE"moonwalk for a week", which reached number four on the indies chart. They also released a first mini album "Tuesday and Thursday". Starting from here, they attended many big music festivals and events. In December, they released their first single "Ray", which became one of the soundtracks of the Fuji TV drama, and movie "赤い糸(akai ito)".

Discography[change | change source]

Single CDs[change | change source]

  • ワープ(warp) (only sold at TSUTAYA)[2]
  • moonwalk for a week (only sold at TOWER RECORDS)[2]
  • Ray (1st single)
  • 溢れる (afureru) (2nd single)
  • ドリルドリル (drill drill) (3rd single)
  • バランス (balance) (4th single)
  • Flowers(5th single)
  • knock to me (6th single)

Albums[change | change source]

  • Tuesday and Thursday (1st mini album)
  • Quartette Parade (1st full album)
  • Mother Ship (2nd full album)
  • for Flowers (studio album; only sold at TOWER RECORDS)
  • Re:Union (3rd full album)

References[change | change source]