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Lego minifigure

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A Lego minifigure (a.k.a. Lego person) is a small figure as part of Lego toys. Minifigures are found in Lego sets, although they are also sold separately as keychains and magnets, also can be found in Lego minifigures bags. Minifigures in 1975 were the same size as minifigures today, but did not have any moving arms or legs. They had a small variety of headpieces, including caps, pigtail hair and cowboy hats. Since 1978, Lego minifigures have had more clothing, hats, shirts and pants to choose from. They started packing them in sets, including Star Wars.

Minifigures are still used in many Lego sets we know today. There are many minifigures such as mermaid with a identical tail to the ocean king and many shorter characters such as the evil dwarf.

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