Leo II (emperor)

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Leo II
Solidus of Emperor Leo II
Roman Emperor of the East
Reign17 November 473 - November 474
PredecessorLeo I
Bornc. 467
DiedNovember 474 (aged 7)
Constantinople, Eastern Roman Empire
Regnal name
Latin: Imperator Caesar Leo Augustus
Greek: Αὐτοκράτωρ καῖσαρ Λέων αὐγουστος

Leo II (Greek: Λέων, c. 467 - November 474) Was an Eastern Roman emperor from 17 November 473 - November 474. He was the son of future emperor Zeno and emperor Leo I daughter Ariadne. Leo II ruled the empire along with his grandfather Leo I and he later became the sole ruler after Leo I died.

As the grandson of Leo I, Leo II had a strong claim to succeed his throne. Leo I, who was becoming increasingly ill, felt obligated to declare a successor to the imperial throne, but passed over his son-in-law due to his unpopularity. Instead, Leo II was made caesar by Leo I around October 472, and was later promoted to augustus in November 473, making him co-emperor alongside his grandfather.