Leo I (emperor)

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Leo I
Bust of Leo I
Roman Emperor of the East
Reign7 February 457 - 18 January 474
SuccessorLeo II
Bornc. 401
Dacia Aureliana, Roman Empire
Died18 January 474 (aged 73)
Constantinople, Eastern Roman Empire
Regnal name
Latin: Imperator Caesar Flavius Leo Augustus
Greek: Αὐτοκράτωρ καῖσαρ Λέων αὐγουστος

Leo I (Greek: Λέων, c. 401 - 18 January 474) Was an Eastern Roman emperor from 7 February 457 - 18 January 474. Leo is also nicknamed "The Thracian", "Magnus" in order to distinguish him to his grandson and co-augustus Leo II.

He proved to be a capable emperor of the Eastern Empire due to his ambitous political plans and militarily by aiding the rapidly declining Western Roman Empire recover lost territories from the Invading and Occupying Germanic tribes.

In 468, the Battle of Cape Bon began which would prove to be a disaster for both Western and Eastern Roman Empire ending hopes for the recovery of africa from the Vandals.