Leonard Hofstadter

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Leonard Hofstadter is a fictional character in the television show The Big Bang Theory. Leonard is from New Jersey. His father is an anthropologist and his mother is a neuroscientist. Leonard’s parents made him learn to play the cello and become a scientist even though he wanted to be a rapper “like Snoop Dogg but with a little more healthy respect for the police”. Leonard was on the debate team in school and says that if he had not had glasses, he would have been “the coolest kid on the debate team to get constantly shoved into his locker.” Leonard also mentions that he once had a bully who gave him such a terrible wedgie that it temporarily moved one of his testicles. He also says that he hated high school because he was never popular and that his mother never let him celebrate his birthday because “that was her accomplishment, not mine” and that his parents never paid attention to his achievements. Leonard got his Phd at Princeton and got a job working at Caltech. He became a roommate of Sheldon Cooper because he couldn’t afford an apartment with only his own money. He almost accidentally gave American nuclear secrets to his girlfriend Joyce Kim not realizing that she was a North Korean spy but Sheldon Cooper annoyed her so much that she left before he could give her anything. When a beautiful girl named Penny moves in across the hall from Leonard and Sheldon, Leonard falls in love with her. Leonard tried to get her to like him but thanks to Sheldon she finds out that Leonard has Luke Skywalker shampoo and Darth Vader conditioner uses the periodic table as a shower curtain and plays boggle in Klingon with his friends including Sheldon, Rajesh Koothrapalli and Howard Wolowitz leading her to think that he is a nerd. For most of the show Leonard is trying to start a relationship with Penny and they eventually date and get married.