Leopold Neubauer

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Leopold Neubauer (15 October 1889 – 16 February 1960) was an Austrian football player. He also played for the Austrian national football team.

Career[change | change source]

Leopold Neubauer began his career at the Wiener Sport-Club. He made his debut in the Austrian national team in a 3-5 away loss against Hungary on 1 November 1908. His last match was on 26 December 1917 in a 2-3 awayloss versus Switzerland. [1]

In the ÖFV (Österreichischen Fußball-Verbands) league, which was held for the first time in the 1911/12 season, Leopold Neubauer started as runner-up with Sport-Club. At the end of the season he played in the 1912 Olympic Games in Stockholm. Austria finished fifth.

After personal differences arose between the player and the management of the WSC in 1913, Leopold Neubauer moved to Hütteldorf to the Wiener AF. With them he becaame Austrian champion in his first season in 1913–14. In the 1916–17 season he was the top scorer in the league, scoring 21 goals like Edi Bauer from Rapid. He ended his career again at WSCafter the 1919/20 season.

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