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Lewis V. Baldwin (born 1949[1]) is a professor of religious studies at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee.[2] He is an award-winning historian and author of a number of books on Martin Luther King, Jr.

Education[change | change source]

He was born and raised in Camden, Alabama.[3] In 1971 he received a Bachelor of Arts degree in History.[3] Baldwin studied at Colgate Rochester Crozer Divinity School from 1971 to 1975.[4] He received his Master of Arts degree in 1973.[4] In 1975 he received his Master of Divinity degree in Theology.[4] In the autumn of 1975 he entered the Ph.D. program at Northwestern University. He completed his degree in 1980.[4] In 1978 he was ordained a minister in Greenville Alabama by his father, Pastor L. V. Baldwin, Sr.[4] On June 16, 1987, Baldwin became a deacon in the United Methodist Church.[4]

Teaching career[change | change source]

Dr. Baldwin taught at the College of Wooster in Wooster, Ohio.[4] He has also taught at Colgate University and Colgate Rochester Crozer Divinity School in New York.[4] He was a professor at Fisk University and American Baptist College in Nashville before coming to Vanderbilt University.[4] He lives in Nashville, Tennessee.

Bibliography[change | change source]

Dr. Baldwin is the author of over 60 articles and several books. These include:

  • "Invisible" Strands in African Methodism: A History of the African Union(1983)[4]
  • Union American Methodist Episcopal Churches, 1805-1980(1983)[4]
  • The Mark of a Man: Peter Spencer and the African Union Methodist Tradition (1987)[4]
  • There Is a Balm in Gilead: The Cultural Roots of Martin Luther King, Jr.[2] (1991)
  • To Make the Wounded Whole: The Cultural Legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr. (1992)[4]
  • The legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr.: the boundaries of law, politics, and religion (1992)[1]
  • Freedom is Never Free: A Biographical Portrait of E.D. Nixon, Sr. (1992)[4]
  • Toward the Beloved Community: Martin Luther King, Jr. and South Africa (1995)[4]
  • (co-author with Amiri YaSin Al-Hadid) Between Cross and Crescent: Christian and Muslim Perspectives on Malcolm and Martin (2002)[5]
  • The Voice of Conscience: The Church in the Mind of Martin Luther King, Jr. (2010)[1]
  • Never to Leave Us Alone: The Prayer Life of Martin Luther King, Jr. (2010)[1]
  • "Thou, dear God" : prayers that open hearts and spirits, Martin Luther King, edited by Lewis V. Baldwin (2012)[1]
  • "In a single garment of destiny" : a global vision of justice, Martin Luther King, edited by Lewis V. Baldwin (2012)[1]

Awards[change | change source]

He received the "American Theological Library Association Award" for his book "Invisible" Strands.[4] Baldwin won the "Midwest Book Achievement Award" of the Midwest Independent Publishers Association. This was for his book A Balm in Gilead.[4]

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