Leylâ Erbil

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Leylâ Erbil
Leyla Erbil.JPG
Born12 January 1931
Istanbul, Turkey
Died19 July 2013(2013-07-19) (aged 82)
Istanbul, Turkey
OccupationNovelist, story writer
ChildrenFatoş Erbil-Pınar

Leyla Erbil (Turkish: Leylâ Erbil) (12 January 1931, Istanbul – 19 July 2013, Istanbul) was a Turkish novelist and story-writer.

Leylâ Erbil was born in Istanbul. She completed her high school education in Istanbul and he was admitted to Istanbul University Department of English Language and Literature. She was married at her last year in school and didn't graduated from university. She lived in Ankara and Izmir, and returned Istanbul in 1961.[1]

She started her writing career as a story-writer. After 1971, she also wrote novels.[2]

Leylâ Erbil was a co-founder of the Union of Artists of Turkey and the Writers Syndicate of Turkey. She was a member of the PEN International and the Workers' Party of Turkey.[1]

She died in Or-Ahayim Balat Hospital, Fatih, Istanbul on 19 July 2013.[3]

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