Liao River

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Liao River
Liao He
Map of the Liao River drainage basin
ProvinceHebei, Inner Mongolia, Jilin, Liaoning
Physical characteristics
Sourcevarious sources of its tributaries
MouthLiaodong Bay
Length1,345 km (836 mi)
Basin size232,000 km2 (90,000 sq mi)

The Liao River (simplified Chinese: ; traditional Chinese: ; pinyin: Liáo Hé) is the biggest river in northeastern China (Manchuria). It has a length of 1,390 kilometres (860 mi). The Chinese province Liaoning and the Liaodong Peninsula are named after the river. The Liao River is one of the seven main river systems in mainland China. In 1958, the river changed its course. This is caused by a River engineering project. A dam was constructed by the civil emergency preparedness department of the local government. It is called the "Six rooms dam" (六间房水文站).[1] The dam caused some of the tributaries to be blocked off such as the Hun River.

It passes by Jilin City in Jilin province as well as Tieling, Panjin and Tai'an in Liaoning province.

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