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The Liao dynasty also called Khitan empire, the was an empire in Asia. It was formed by the Yelü clan of the Khitan people after the fall of the Tang Dynasty.[1] They ruled from 907 AD to about 1125.[1] The first ruler was Yelü Abaoji, Khan of the steppe Khitan peoples.[2]It was originally called the "Qidan Kingdom" until about 947.[3] Its capital was the present day Bairin Left Banner in Inner Mongolia.[3] Its territory included parts of Northern China, middle Mongolia, and Tianjin and Hebei to the south.[3]

Emperors[change | change source]

  1. Liao Taizu (907–926)[3]
  2. Liao Taizong (926–947)[3]
  3. Liao Shizong (947–951)[3]
  4. Liao Muzong (951–969)[3]
  5. Liao Jingzong (969–982)[3]
  6. Liao Shengzong (983–1031)[3]
  7. Liao Xingzong (1031–1055)[3]
  8. Liao Daozong (1055–1101)[3]
  9. Tianzuo Di (1101–1125)[3]

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