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Liberal National Party of Queensland

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The logo of the LNP.

The Liberal National Party of Queensland (LNP) is a liberal conservative political party in Queensland, Australia. It is the merger of the Liberal and National parties in Queensland. It was formed in 2008.

It is currently in Opposition to the centre-left Labor Party. Its current leader is David Crisafulli, the deputy leader is Jarrod Bleijie and the president is Lawrence Springborg.

Since the Liberals and Nationals merged in 2008, the LNP has only ever formed the state government once, when Campbell Newman defeated the incumbent Labor government of Anna Bligh at the 2012 state election in a landslide. He won a record 78 seats in Parliament (which had 89 seats at the time, but now has 93), therefore making Newman the first LNP Premier of Queensland. In 2015, the Labor Party under Annastacia Palaszczuk defeated the LNP and formed a minority government (which has since become a majority government). Despite this, Queensland is a conservative state on the federal level (Labor has only won the two-party-preferred vote in Queensland three times since 1949) and the LNP also holds the majority of wards on the Brisbane City Council.

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