Lieutenant Governor of Oklahoma

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Lieutenant Governor of
the State of Oklahoma
Great Seal of Oklahoma
Matt Pinnell

since January 14, 2019
ResidenceOklahoma City
Term lengthFour years, unlimited number of terms
Inaugural holderGeorge W. Bellamy
FormationNovember 16, 1907
WebsiteLieutenant Governor's Website

The Lieutenant Governor of Oklahoma is the second-highest executive official of the state government of Oklahoma.

The 17th Lieutenant Governor of Oklahoma is Republican Matt Pinnell. His first term began on January 14, 2019.

List[change | change source]


  Democratic (14)   Republican (3)

# Lt. Governor Term Party Governor(s) served under
1 George W. Bellamy 1907–1911 Democrat Charles N. Haskell
2 J. J. McAlester 1911–1915 Democrat Lee Cruce
3 Martin E. Trapp 1915–1923 Democrat Robert L. Williams
James B. A. Robertson
John C. Walton
vacant 1923–1927 Martin E. Trapp
4 William J. Holloway 1927–1929 Democrat Henry S. Johnston
vacant 1929–1931 William J. Holloway
5 Robert Burns 1931–1935 Democrat William H. Murray
6 James E. Berry 1935–1955 Democrat E. W. Marland
Leon C. Phillips
Robert S. Kerr
Roy J. Turner
Johnston Murray
7 Cowboy Pink Williams 1955–1959 Democrat Raymond D. Gary
8 George Nigh 1959–1963 Democrat J. Howard Edmondson
9 Leo Winters 1963–1967 Democrat Henry Bellmon
10 George Nigh 1967–1979 Democrat Dewey F. Bartlett
David Hall
David L. Boren
11 Spencer Bernard 1979–1987 Democrat George Nigh
12 Robert S. Kerr III 1987–1991 Democrat Henry Bellmon
13 Jack Mildren 1991–1995 Democrat David Walters
14 Mary Fallin 1995–2007 Republican Frank Keating
Brad Henry
15 Jari Askins 2007–2011 Democrat Brad Henry
16 Todd Lamb 2011–2019 Republican Mary Fallin
17 Matt Pinnell 2019–present Republican Kevin Stitt

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