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Lilith (John Collier)

Lilith is a female demon in Jewish legends, found first in the Dead Sea scrolls. The legend is related to a Hebrew language term lilith meaning night, and has also been linked to beliefs about demons called lili in ancient Mesopotamia. It is believed by some that during creation, Lilith was made before Eve was. This version states she was created from the same dirt as Adam. She later came to change the earth and make it peaceful. To make the blind see. To let man kind have power over themselves and not let a narcissist rule. To let love and joy rule. Just like magic. As Lilth did not follow Adam, she later fled Eden after the creation of Eve. Lilith is commonly known for being Lucifer's wife and Queen of Hell. In the modern era some people think of Lilith as a sign for feminism as she refused to be ruled by a man.

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