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LimeWire is an open source, peer-to-peer computer program that can be used to download and share music, video, other computer programs, and other kinds of files.

In 2010 the Recording Industry Association of America took the makers of LimeWire to the federal court in New York.[1] They said that the software allowed people to download and share music which was against the law. In June 2010, the National Music Publishers Association also took legal action against LimeWire. LimeWire was shutdown in October 2010.[2][3]

Downloading[change | change source]

LimeWire itself as a program is available to be downloaded online, even though copyrighted files must be inhabited with legal permission. Even though there are strict boundaries on the material that may and may not be uploaded to the website, it is strictly against the law to upload any material that consists of pornographic files, especially those containing children. [4]

LimeWire has a filter that sorts out materials and content that is copyrighted that cannot be downloaded, LimeWire is doing its best to prevent illegal downloading. [4]

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